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Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix, previously known as Heartbeat of Arizona, is a non-profit organization that provides free and confidential services to women and their families who are facing an unplanned pregnancy. Located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix has been serving clients since 1974.

The Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix understands the difficult decisions faced by individuals faced when faced with an unplanned pregnancies they provide resources and support in a safe and loving environment to help each woman make the best decision for her future. They are committed to empowering vulnerable and marginalized communities by offering free services such as pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, mentoring and counseling programs, material assistance, parenting classes and post-abortion healing.

The organization works diligently to meet the needs of women in all areas surrounding an unplanned pregnancy including their emotional, physical, financial and spiritual health. The organization also offers education on crisis pregnancy resource centers (CPRCs) which provide comprehensive information about pregnancy options including abortion procedures & associated risks as well as fetal development information. In addition to these services & resources for individuals facing unplanned pregnancies, Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix also offers health advocacy & education through community outreach programs & special projects such as its New Discoveries program which provides monthly educational classes that offer healthy lifestyles & positive financial management strategies geared towards young adults navigating adulthood during a pandemic era.

Mission & Goals of Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix

The mission of Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix is to empower people facing unplanned pregnancies and those affected by them to make life-affirming decisions. The center provides information, support, and abortion alternatives in an environment that honors the dignity of each individual.

Through its services, the center seeks to encourage healthy lifestyles, promote relationships characterized by mutual respect and responsibility, educate men and women about their options concerning unplanned pregnancy, support those who choose to keep their baby or pursue adoption for their child, advocate for the legal protection of pre-born life, and serve others in honor of Christ’s mandate to care for one another.

In order to meet this mission we provide a unique atmosphere which offers hope through trustworthy counseling on pregnancy options; reassurance from trained professionals who are compassionate and non-judgmental; free ultrasounds for expectant parents; private viewing space for educational material about reproductive health; dedicated childbirth classes with experienced staff; adoption resources for those interested in adding an addition to their family placements; and access to community resources such as medical assistance programs. Furthermore, we strive to develop sustainable volunteer support systems that maximize our financial resources while also providing engagement opportunities throughout our community.

Services Offered by Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix

Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix offers a variety of free services and support to those in unexpected pregnancies. These services include counseling, ultrasounds, STD/STI testing and treatment, childbirth classes, parenting classes, post-abortion support and referral services. Counseling is offered to individuals or couples struggling with pregnancy decisions through telephone or virtual video calls. Licensed medical staff conduct ultrasounds for dating and viability in addition to genetic screenings as needed. Comprehensive STD/STI tests including testing for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, HIV and Hepatitis B/C are offered at no cost to the patient. The center provides a range of childbirth classes such as Lamaze techniques and baby care basics that cover topics such as nutrition needs during pregnancy and breast feeding information. They also offer parenting classes that provide guidance on how to be an effective parent; these classes lead up to Certification in Responsible Parenting (CRP). Post-abortion support programs help individuals who have experienced an abortion connect with resources to assist in their healing process. The center also connects individuals with adoption resources as they explore their options.

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Benefits of Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix

Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix offers a wide range of services to those facing unplanned pregnancies. This organization aims to provide information, support and resources to help individuals make decisions that are right for them while maintaining personal integrity and respect.

One of the major benefits of Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix is that they provide free services such as limited ultrasound exams and same day results on pregnancy tests. They also offer many education opportunities, including in-person classes about a variety of topics related to pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. The staff at Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix is trained in non-judgmental communication which allows them to offer unbiased advice and guidance. Their trained team provides emotional support through peer counseling or referrals to other resources such as counseling or adoption agencies if desired.

In addition, they offer clients budgeting advice, healthy relationship workshops, and parenting classes all while providing spiritual care when asked. Furthermore, they provide material assistance through donated items including maternity clothes, nursery furniture, diapers and formula. Finally, they have an international presence via their online blog which serves as a platform for parents to share their stories with others across the globe.

Statistical Impact of Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix

Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix provides a valuable service to the community, offering essential medical and educational services to pregnant women. The center has had a substantial impact on the health and well-being of individuals in the Phoenix area. Over the last ten years, the Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix has helped over 5,000 women with testing for sexually transmitted diseases, as well as ultrasounds for almost 1,500 women. In addition, it has provided parenting classes for more than 2,500 mothers and childbirth preparation classes for close to 900 mothers. It also provides free pregnancy tests and resources for adoptive families. Moreover, Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix has seen a tremendous amount of success concerning its counselling services; during this time period they have supported approximately 3,700 individuals who were facing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy situation. This success is reflected in their data which shows that 96% of people who came in with an unexpected pregnancy left with a positive attitude about continuing their pregnancy despite the challenges they faced. Overall, it is clear that the positive changes made by Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix have had immense benefits to those in need of assistance within the community.

Reasons to Support Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix

1. Funding Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix helps to ensure that women in need have access to quality healthcare at no cost. This includes vital pregnancy-related services, like ultrasounds and STI testing, as well as other general reproductive health treatments. By donating to the center, individuals are helping those who may not be able to afford this care otherwise.

2. Education Donating to the center allows for greater educational outreach about reproductive health topics and available resources in the community. Greater awareness of sexual education and information can lead to fewer unwanted pregnancies, better decision-making skills around relationships, a lower rate of sexually transmitted infections, and improved overall physical health for both men and women in the Phoenix area.

3. Compassionate Care Many individuals regard abortion as a difficult decision that requires compassion, understanding, and support from friends and family members alike. Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix offers a safe place for those facing an unplanned pregnancy to come to make informed decisions with the help of medically accurate information presented in a compassionate manner. Supporting the center means advocating for women’s rights and providing them with non-judgmental care they can rely on during a tough time in their life.

Ways People Can Support Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix

There are many ways that people can support the Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix. Financial gifts and donations are always greatly appreciated, as they allow the center to provide essential services in all phases of pregnancy and beyond. Volunteers who would like to offer their time can help by providing counseling, mentorship, and teaching classes on parenting skills. Additionally, the center is always looking for supplies such as diapers, baby clothes, and toys for their clients. People can also show their support by spreading the word about their services and encouraging others to do the same. Finally, local churches or businesses can choose to partner with Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix or host events to benefit them in a variety of ways.

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Who Can Get Involved with Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix

Anyone can get involved with Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix, regardless of their beliefs and background. The center is supported by volunteers from various religious backgrounds and beliefs, working together to provide free support services to women facing unplanned pregnancies. Volunteers at the center come from all walks of life, from medical professionals to non-medical counselors. People who are already involved in a church or faith group can volunteer as well, offering emotional and spiritual guidance for women experiencing hardships during an unplanned pregnancy. Volunteers may also be able to help with fundraising events or the maintenance of the physical center location. Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix relies on donations and volunteers to fund its mission; anyone wishing to get involved is welcomed and appreciated!

How to Connect With Others at Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix

If you’re looking to connect with other people at Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix, there are several ways you can do so. First, attend their educational classes and workshops, which are held throughout the year. These classes and workshops provide a great opportunity to meet other people who may be pregnant or parenting in similar circumstances. Additionally, many of the classes and workshops offer tips on how to cope with unplanned pregnancy and how to better care for oneself during this time.

You can also attend Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix events, such as support group meetings, mom’s nights out, holiday gatherings, and breastfeeding workshops. These events give participants the chance to share experiences and build relationships that can last well beyond their visit to the Center.

Finally, take advantage of the resources available online through the Center’s website. This includes blogs written by staff members and guest-bloggers, connections with support groups outside of Phoenix through social media outlets like Facebook, helpful videos explaining topics associated with pregnancy counseling and childbirth education services. By finding these online resources, you’ll have even more opportunities to stay connected with other individuals at Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix.

How to Find Out More About Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix

To find out more about Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix, you can visit their website at Their website contains detailed information on their services, events, contact information and volunteer opportunities. Additionally, they are active on multiple social media sites offering post updates, announcements and news relating to the organization and its mission. They can also be reached by phone at (602) 264-8514 or through email at [email protected] with any questions or inquiries. Finally, there is a physical location in Phoenix that you can visit in person for more information or to meet with a representative of the organization.


Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix is a great organization that provides amazing resources and support to individuals in their time of need. Everyone should be aware of the wonderful services they offer and consider getting involved with this organization in some way. From providing financial support to volunteering time and effort, there are many ways to get involved and make a difference. Financial donations are particularly important, as they ensure that the organization can continue its valuable work. Additionally, donating goods such as toiletries and baby items is another tangible way of contributing to the center’s mission. Finally, volunteering time or taking on administrative or manual tasks within Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix helps those most in need receive vital assistance. We must all do our part in helping those who find themselves facing difficult pregnancies, by supporting organizations like Choices Pregnancy Center Phoenix in any way we can.

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