Congratulations To Pregnancy

Congratulations To Pregnancy

Having a baby is undoubtedly one of the greatest gifts in the world, and congratulations should be the order of the day when an expecting mother is blessed with the news of her soon to arrive little bundle of joy!

At this special time, not only are you feeling the joy and excitement of becoming a mother, but you also have much in store ahead of you as wellex and here is a quick guide to a few essential things you should never miss as a soon to be mom.

Preparing For The New Arrival

As soon as you find out the news of the pregnancy, it is time to strategically plan ahead for the arrival of the baby:

  • Choose an obstetrician: It is highly suggested that you select a good obstetrician, who can monitor and provide advice regarding the growth and development of the baby throughout the pregnancy.
  • Go for tests: Make sure you go for different tests, such as blood tests and scans as recommended to you along the way, to ensure the health and wellbeing of you and the unborn baby.
  • Invest in medical insurance: Invest in medical insurance to ensure that the medical costs and other associated costs do not blow a hole in your pocket.
  • Gather information: Gather as much information as you can regarding the pregnancy and potential complications, so you know what to expect moving forward.

Getting Ready For The Baby

The arrival of the baby calls for many preparations and getting ready. This includes:

  • Getting the nursery ready: Get busy decorating and setting up the nursery for the baby.
  • Purchase products: Start building the baby’s wardrobe and make sure you have the right baby accessories, diapers, wipes and creams. Fancy rompers, onesies and so on can wait, but basic things are a must.
  • Create a birth plan: If you can, prepare a birth plan to make sure you get the experience you want. Talk to your doctor and list down what kind of delivery methods and other preferences you would like to follow.
  • Take prenatal classes: Do not miss out on prenatal classes to prepare for labor, breastfeeding and other mommy facts.

Good To Know

Having an idea about the below-mentioned topics would definitely make motherhood a little easier for you.

  • Maternity leave: Make sure to go through your company’s maternity leave policy, so you can make the best of it when the baby is around.
  • Family Assistance: Speak to your family regarding support and assistance they can offer when you are expecting, giving birth or even while raising the baby.
  • Know your insurance: Go through your health insurance and find out the coverage it offers for pregnancy related costs.
  • Organize your finances: Pregnancy can be expensive, so make sure your finances are sorted and ready in case of an emergency.


The news of pregnancy is truly exciting, and congratulations is the first step. Make sure you remember to follow up that with all the essential preparation, planning and strategizing for the arrival of the little one.

That said, the journey is one of a kind, and definitely worth all the hassle. So, congratulations again!

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