How To Increase Sex Drive After Pregnancy


After a woman gives birth, their body and hormones go through many changes. Those changes have an effect on the sex drive of said woman, often causing it to decrease dramatically. It is important to understand why this happens in order to more effectively treat decreasing libido postpartum.

A women’s hormones, particularly estrogen and progesterone, drop significantly after giving birth. This can cause exhaustion, which is common among new mothers as they adjust to their new role as well as lack of sleep caring for a newborn child. Low estrogen decreases sexual desire while some birth control pills also have an effect on these hormones that can hinder desire. Aside from hormonal changes, physiological stress can play a significant role in reduced sex drive- especially amongst women who may struggle with depression or anxiety surrounding motherhood. Painful intercourse due to vaginal tearing or trauma during childbirth and nursing can also contribute to decreased libido, leading some women feeling scared or frustrated when attempting sexual acts.

In order to increase sex drive after pregnancy, it is essential that couples learn ways to make time of each other and work on communication skills in order to build trust they may have lost during the stressful transition into early parenthood. Taking time away from caregiving duties to focus on one another can help bring back the intimacy that was present before having a baby together. Recognizing physical changes postpartum- such as hormone fluctuations and pelvic discomfort- are key steps in creating a plan for how both partners can work towards improving life satisfaction in their intimate relationship with one another. Additionally, if clinically necessary for severe cases of mental health related issues like depression or anxiety, seeking professional help should be considered as it has been proved able to de-escalate symptoms drastically for many people dealing with lingering negative effects from childbirth and its traumas.

Adventures in Hormones

The relationship between estrogen, testosterone, and oxytocin can have a profound impact on how we experience sex drive after pregnancy. Estrogen specifically is responsible for aspects of sexuality including arousal and libido (sex drive). For example, when estrogen levels drop during transition to postpartum period, it has been demonstrated to be associated with decreased sexual desire and pleasure. Fortunately, these levels increase with time but there are strategies someone can do to help them get back into the groove sooner rather than later. Namely:

1. Eating well – Eating a healthy balanced diet helps in achieving healthier hormone balance. Nutrients found in meat and fish such as zinc are essential for producing testosterone while nuts and seeds have fatty acids that act as precursors for producing hormones like estradiol and progesterone.

2. Exercising regularly – A study conducted by the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists suggested that exercise is strongly correlated with increased sexual desire due to increased blood flow to major organs aiding optimal hormone production; this includes testosterone and other sex hormones like LH and FSH involved in the release of eggs from ovaries.

3. Adequate sleep – Sleep disturbances are common after pregnancy so getting consistent good quality sleep is key for proper hormone balance which could consequently lead to an increase in sex drive after pregnancy. Sleep deprivation affects both estrogen and progesterone production leading to fatigue, low energy levels, diminished concentration, poor appetite control among others, all of which can contribute negatively to sexual performance or motivation to engage sexually with a partner postpartum period.

4. Supplementing with gonadal steroids – Taking gonadal steroids after delivery may help in stimulating ovulation while also maintaining normal hormonal balance which promotes better production of sex hormones particularly testosterone resulting in a faster recovery of libido or sex drive post-delivery period..

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Getting Moving

Exercising after giving birth can be a great way to balance the hormones that influence desire and sexual arousal. Not only does exercising help to build muscle, tone the body and increase energy levels, it also triggers the release of hormones like serotonin, dopamine, testosterone and endorphins that drive fertility and sexual motivation. Many postnatal mothers will benefit from yoga or Pilates classes to aid recovery from childbirth, as this type of exercise helps to reduce stress while increasing flexibility and strength. Other more rigorous options such as aerobic exercise are also beneficial in driving up levels of sex drive; activities such as running or skipping rope will work well in this regard. Lastly, building core strength with exercises such as planks is essential for many sex positions (especially during pregnancy). Exercising will not just benefit your sex life – it’s also a great way of improving your overall wellbeing during what can be a difficult time post-pregnancy.

Eating Habits and Their Impact Your Performance Post-Delivery

Maintaining healthy eating habits is key to increasing sex drive after pregnancy and can have a direct effect on your performance post-delivery. Eating foods that are rich in vitamins and protein, such as fish, eggs, dairy, and lean meat, can help improve hormone levels and balance them out, which can improve overall sexual function and the production of natural lubrication. Supplementing with omega-3 fatty acids may also be helpful in improving the quality of intimate moments with your partner. Additionally, including plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, and whole grains in your diet can provide much-needed energy while reducing fatigue that often accompanies post-pregnancy. Other food sources like nuts and beans are great sources of zinc, a mineral known to help boost testosterone levels which may also benefit sex drive. Finally, avoiding processed foods with added sugar or salt as well as drinking enough water can help manage stress hormones like cortisol that can impact libido.

Supplementation for Renewing Vitality

If you’re looking for a natural way to increase your sex drive after pregnancy, supplementing your diet with specific vitamins and minerals may help. Taking iron supplements or eating more iron-rich foods like leafy greens, legumes, and organ meats can boost energy levels. Additionally, taking vitamin E or B-complex multivitamins can enhance hormone production, which can lead to an increased libido. The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil have also been linked to enhancing sexual desire by promoting blood flow in the genital area. Lastly, certain herbs like maca root and ginseng may help increase energy levels and sex drive in both men and women alike.

Reigniting the Flame

There are a variety of steps couples can take to help increase sex drive after pregnancy. One approach is to focus on creating intimacy between both partners in ways that don’t involve intercourse. This could include things like massages and cuddling, for example. Additionally, couples should aim to build up their mental connection as well. This can begin by simply having meaningful conversations about topics that matter most to each partner, or it may be subscribing to a couples counseling or therapy program.

Another way of increasing sex drive after pregnancy is through self-care and relaxation. Women who recently gave birth tend to experience some form of stress or anxiety, but regularly indulging in simple hobbies or activities can help keep negative feelings at bay while boosting endorphins and overall wellbeing—all of which will contribute positively to libido and feelings of desire. Exercise has also been shown to stimulate the production of testosterone, which is important for female libido as well. So joining an exercise class or engaging in physical activity with your partner not only has many health benefits but could also lead to increased arousal levels with your spouse when the time is right.

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Practicing Mindfulness To Relieve Daily Stressors

Mindfulness is an important tool to help reduce daily stressors such as work demands, financial issues and parenting demands. Practicing mindfulness can help a person increase their sex drive after pregnancy by calming and lowering the production of cortisol, a hormone associated with high levels of stress. Mindfulness activities can be simple breath awareness exercises or yoga practice that focus on being mindful in the present moment. By focusing on breathing and making sure one stays in tune with their body, they can learn how to find a calm state in which to relax emotionally and physically from any daily stresses. When done regularly, it will help improve overall wellbeing, mood regulation and therefore can increase sex drive after pregnancy. For those who are new to mindfulness practices, there are many guided practices online to choose from. Taking small steps to make mindfulness a part of daily routine can be hugely beneficial for reducing stress and thus increasing libido.

Finding Time for Yourself and Embracing Pleasure-Focused Self-care

If you’re dealing with decreased sex drive after giving birth, take time to focus on yourself and pleasure. It’s easy to get lost in the chaos of everyday life when you have a new baby at home; however, taking breaks to focus on your own needs is essential for regaining sexual energy.

Finding time for yourself can mean something as simple as taking a warm bath or long shower after a long day. During this alone time, try engaging in deep breathing exercises, relaxing meditations, or listening to calming music that can help lower stress levels and soothe your nervous system. Additionally, massage therapy can do wonders for increasing desire when done regularly; this increases relaxation, physical sensations of pleasure, and enhances circulation around the body—including the genitals.

Be sure to make self-care routines such as these part of your daily lifestyle helping you create the space and intentions that support your sexy energy returning. You can also explore nurturing conscious touch from a partner in order to further increase libido and reconnection with your own thoughts and feelings about sex. When we remove ourselves from what we “should” be doing and instead start creating positive associations between pleasure and self-care, our energy returns naturally over time.


Pregnancy can take an immense toll on a couple’s sex life. While the period of physical and emotional exhaustion after giving birth can be a tough time for everyone, there are some simple ways to reignite your sex drive. Eating healthy foods, taking a break from parenting duties now and then, getting some exercise, making sure to set aside quality time for yourself and spending bonding time together as partners can all help to boost energy levels and improve moods which can greatly increase sex drive. Taking care of yourself and creating strong partnerships will not only reconnect you with one another romantically but keep the needs of both parties in mind as you move through this new chapter in your lives. Everything takes time and patience but hopefully these tips have pointed you in the right direction for sparking your sexual chemistry once more.

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