What Sleeping Medicine Is Safe During Pregnancy

Sleeping Medicine Is Safe During Pregnancy

Getting enough sleep during pregnancy can be a challenge for many expecting mothers. With all of the changes going on in your body and the anticipation of welcoming a new baby, it is understandable that many find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. If you have difficulty sleeping, you may be considering sleeping medication. Here is a look at what sleeping medicines are safe during pregnancy.

Medical Considerations

When considering medication of any kind during pregnancy, it is always best to consult with your doctor to determine the best and safest course of action. Some medications may be safe to take while you are expecting, while others may be harmful to your developing baby. Always consult with your doctor to be sure.

Over the Counter Sleep Aids

A few over the counter sleep aids are considered safe to consume during pregnancy. These include doxylamine succinate, which is the active ingredient in medications such as Unisom SleepTabs and Diclegis. Additionally, diphenhydramine hydrochloride, which is the active ingredient in medications such as Benadryl, is considered relatively safe to take. However, it should be noted that diphenhydramine hydrochloride can make you sleepy and less alert, so it should be avoided in situations where you need to stay awake such as when driving.

Prescription Sleep Aids

Only a few prescription sleep medications are considered safe to take during pregnancy. These include zolpidem, which is the active ingredient in medications such as Ambien, and trazodone. If your doctor prescribes any other medication for sleep, be sure to ask about potential risks to your unborn baby.

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Safety Tips

  • Choose a lower dose. Talk to your doctor about using a lower dose of any medication as this may reduce the risk of potential side effects.
  • Take no more than what is prescribed. Sticking to the recommended dose is important for your safety and that of your baby.
  • Try natural methods. If possible, try some natural methods to help you sleep such as yoga, exercise, and creating a peaceful sleep environment.

It should be noted that there are risks associated with taking sleeping medicines during pregnancy, so it is best to exhaust all other methods before taking medication. Be sure to discuss all options with your doctor to determine the best and most safe option for you.

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