When Does Belly Button Pop First Pregnancy

# When Does Your Belly Button Pop During Pregnancy?
When you become pregnant, your body goes through significant changes. One of the most noticeable changes is the appearance of a growing baby bump. While the baby bump grows throughout the pregnancy, another change you may notice is your belly button popping out. Although it can be strange to suddenly have your belly button popping out, this phenomenon does occur and can happen at different times for different pregnant people.

## What Causes the Belly Button to Pop Out?

The popping out belly button is a completely normal result of the physical changes that come with pregnancy. As your uterus grows and your abdominal muscles get pushed outward, the navel gradually protrudes outward too. This prolapse of the navel is completely safe and poses no risk to you or your baby.

## When Does the Belly Button Start Protruding?
The timing for when your belly button starts to stick out can vary. Typically, many women will first notice that their belly button starts to pop out during the second trimester of pregnancy – usually around the middle of pregnancy. Some women will notice their belly button starts to poke out sooner while others may not experience the protruding until their third trimester.

## What Causes the Belly Button to Pop Out Early?
In some cases, the popping out of the belly button may start as early as the first trimester of pregnancy. This early protrusion of the navel can be due to a variety of reasons:

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* A woman’s higher body mass index (BMI): a higher BMI can cause the baby bump to appear sooner, thus resulting in the navel popping out earlier
* A woman’s age: older women are more likely to have an earlier protruding of the belly button because pregnancy hormones loosen the abdominal muscles at a quicker rate
* A woman’s height and build: women who are shorter and have a smaller build may notice their belly buttons popping earlier than women of taller stature with bigger builds

## Should I be Worried about Protruding Belly Button During Early Pregnancy?

No, there is no cause for alarm. The protruding belly button during early pregnancy is completely normal and will not present any risk or harm to you or your baby. It is simply a result of your abdominal muscles stretching out of their usual position to accommodate your growing baby bump.

## Tips for Dealing with Protruding Belly Button

* Invest in a good, supportive maternity undergarment. Investing in a supportive maternity undergarment that offers extra support around the belly can help make you feel more comfortable as your baby bump and belly button grows.

* Wear comfortable clothing. Wearing clothing that offers enough space to accommodate a growing baby bump and a popping out belly button can help make you feel more comfortable.

* Moisturize your belly button regularly. Applying a good quality moisturizer to your belly button can help keep it from looking overly dry, cracked and irritated.

* Talk to your doctor. If you have specific questions or concerns about your protruding belly button during pregnancy, speak with your healthcare provider to get the answers and support you need.

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