Breast Growth During Pregnancy

Breast Growth During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting stages in a woman’s life. Not only is the body going through major physical changes, but the woman’s life is also dramatically changed. One of the most pregnant women go through is the growth of their breasts.

Why Breasts Grow During Pregnancy

For most pregnant women, breast growth is a natural and expected part of pregnancy. This is due to the hormone changes that occur during pregnancy. As the levels of estrogen and progesterone increase throughout the first and second trimesters, the ligaments in the breasts become stretched. This allows the breasts to grow larger and fuller in preparation for the baby’s arrival.

Types of Breast Growth During Pregnancy

There are two main types of breast growth during pregnancy:

  • Physical Growth – As discussed above, the increase in hormones leads to physical growth. This can include size and volume changes, hardening of the nipples and areola, and the formation of Montgomery tubercles (small glands around the nipples).
  • Emotional Support – As breasts grow, they become nurturing and comforting to the woman. This can lead to an emotional connection between mother and baby

What to Expect After Pregnancy

The size and shape of a woman’s breasts will vary depending on how many children she has had, her age, and other factors. However, most women will experience some degree of breast sagging post-pregnancy. This is due to the ligaments that were stretched and weakened during the pregnancy.

Tips for Post-Pregnancy Breast Care

  • Good quality nursing bras can help provide much-needed support to your breasts.
  • Wearing properly fitted bras who provide lift can help reduce sagging of your breasts.
  • Breastfeeding regularly and limiting unnecessary weight gain can help reduce the amount of breast sagging.
  • Performing exercises specifically designed to strengthen the muscles in your chest and back can help reduce sagging.
  • Consider using natural oils and moisturizers to hydrate and nourish the skin of your breasts.


Breast growth during pregnancy is a natural and exciting process. Taking steps to properly care for your breasts after the baby is born can help reduce sagging and keep them looking their best.

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