Breech In Pregnancy Meaning

What Is Breech Pregnancy?

Breech pregnancy is when the baby is positioned in the uterus with the feet, buttocks, or both entering the birth canal first. This type of pregnancy is normally discovered during the third trimester and delivery of the baby usually needs to be done by cesarean section unless a vaginal delivery technique can be used successfully.

What Is The Risk Of Breech Pregnancy?

A breech baby can cause complications during labor and delivery, due to the fact that the baby is being delivered feet, buttocks, or both first. In some cases, delivery can be attempted vaginally, though there are higher risks associated due to the baby’s size and positioning.

Carrying a baby in the breech position also increases the likelihood of complicating the baby’s cord being compressed during the delivery process, which can raise the risk of the baby developing a hypoxic–ischemic insult – an injury to the newborn brain either due to a lack of oxygen or circulation to the brain.

What Are the Different Types Of Breech Presentations?

Babies present in the breech position in one of three ways:

  1. Frank Breech is the most common presentation in which the baby’s bottom is presented to the birth canal.
  2. Complete Breech is where the baby’s legs are bent at the hips and crossed at the knees, presenting the feet directly to the birth canal.
  3. Footling Breech is where one or both feet of the baby is presented leading the rest of its body into the birth canal.

Are There Ways To Try To Turn A Breech Baby?

Yes.A technique called External Cephalic Version (ECV) can sometimes be used to manually attempt to turn the baby and is usually recommended around 36 – 38 weeks gestation. It is generally a successful procedure and is usually accompanied by drugs to relax the uterus and reduce pain and discomfort.

Although most babies can be re-positioned successfully through ECV, there is still a risk of complications. It is advisable to discuss this technique with a professional midwife or doctor before implementing it.


Breech pregnancy is a presentation where the baby is presented to the birth canal with its feet, buttocks, or both leading. This type of pregnancy requires more attention and often is delivered by cesarean section, although other techniques such as ECV (External Cephalic Version) are available to turn the baby and attempt a vaginal delivery procedure.

It is important to be well-informed of the risks attached to breech pregnancy and to consult with a professional for further information and advice.

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