Care Pregnancy Center

Care Pregnancy Center: Supporting Women and Families

Care Pregnancy Center is a ministry dedicated to supporting women and their families during pregnancy and beyond. The Center offers a variety of services to help pregnant women and their families in times of crisis, as well as ongoing support and education during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Services Offered

Care Pregnancy Center offers a wide array of services for pregnant women and their families. These include:

  • Pregnancy testing and counseling: Caring and professional staff are available to provide accurate pregnancy testing and counseling that is both informed and non-judgmental.
  • Material resources: The Center offers material resources such as diapers, clothing, and baby items that have been donated by generous individuals, churches and organizations.
  • Education and support: Clients can access educational materials and support as they navigate through their pregnancy and beyond.
  • Adoption referral and support: If a client decides to pursue an adoption plan, the staff at Care Pregnancy Center can offer information and support throughout the process.

Why Care Pregnancy Center?

At Care Pregnancy Center, we believe all families should have access to compassionate and comprehensive care before, during and after pregnancy. Here are just a few reasons why we think Care Pregnancy Center is the best option for pregnant women and their families:

  • High Quality Care: Our staff is committed to providing informed and non-judgemental support to each of our clients.
  • Comprehensive Resources: We offer a wide array of resources to help our clients through the process of pregnancy and beyond.
  • No Cost Services: All services provided through Care Pregnancy Center are available absolutely free.

How Can I Support Care Pregnancy Center?

If you would like to support Care Pregnancy Center and our mission, there are a few ways you can help!

  • Donate: We need your donations of cash, baby items, clothing, diapers, and other items to keep our programs running.
  • Volunteer: We are always looking for energetic and dedicated volunteers to join our team!
  • Spread the Word: Tell your friends and family about Care Pregnancy Center and the great work we are doing!

At Care Pregnancy Center, we believe that every woman and family deserves care and support during pregnancy and beyond. We strive to provide the best care and resources to our clients and we need your help to do that. Thank you for considering supporting Care Pregnancy Center!

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