Do It Yourself Pregnancy Photos

Why Should You Consider DIY Pregnancy Photos?

Due to the pandemic, many expecting mothers may not feel comfortable visiting a professional photographer for a session. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for creating stunning and memorable pregnancy photos without an expensive studio photographer. With DIY pregnancy photos, you’ll get creative control, a way to express yourself, and a beautiful reminder of the miracle of pregnancy.

Creative Control

Having creative control of your pregnancy photos is one of the greatest benefits of DIY pregnancy photos. From styling to selecting the perfect backdrop to setting up a cozy space at home, everything is up to you. This decision-making process can also be a fun activity to do with your partner or family to celebrate the impending arrival of your baby.

Express Yourself

Do-it-yourself pregnancy photos offer you the opportunity to express yourself. Bring out your fun and unique side during the photo session! Consider adding props, personalizing attire and accessorizing with meaningful items. Set the scene however you’d like, with friends and family or just your partner or even a pet or two.

Beautiful Reminder of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an incredible journey. DIY pregnancy photos are a creative and fun way to remember the milestones, anticipation and joy that come with expecting a new little bundle of joy. Documenting the journey will be something you’ll look back and treasure forever.

Tips for Taking DIY Pregnancy Photos

  • Choose a Meaningful and Unforgettable Backdrop – When it comes to choosing a backdrop for your pregnancy photos, pick something that represents the beauty of expecting a baby. Some ideas include a park, flower field, beach or your home.
  • Highlight the Baby Bump – Showcasing the beauty of the baby bump is essential to any DIY pregnancy session. Try to choose angles and poses that will flatter the bump, such as side angles and poses standing against a wall.
  • Make It Fun, Memorable and Personal! – Capturing your pregnancy journey with DIY pregnancy photos will make your shoot extra special. Incorporate things that are special to you or memorable for you, like props, meaningful jewelry, flowers or printed quotes.
  • Get Some Help! – If you take your own pregnancy photos, one of your family members can join in to help with styling, taking the photos and making sure the poses comes out just right.


Do-it-yourself pregnancy photos are an amazing way to document your pregnancy journey. DIY pregnancy photos are creative, fun and bring joy for years to come. With creative control, you can express yourself and get creative with props, jewelry, poses and backdrops. So don’t hesitate to take your pregnancy photo session into your own hands and make beautiful memories for you and your family to enjoy!

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