Do You Show Sooner With Second Pregnancy

Do You Show Sooner With a Second Pregnancy?

Are you expecting a second little bundle of joy and wondering when you’re going to start showing? You’re probably curious to know if you might start showing sooner than you did with your first pregnancy.

The Truth About Showing Sooner

It’s true that many women find themselves showing earlier with subsequent pregnancies. But keep in mind that every pregnancy—and every woman—is different, so there’s no foolproof way of predicting the exact timing.

A few factors that could affect how prominent your baby bump is:

  • Previous pregnancies – If you’ve given birth before, your uterine muscles may have already stretched making it easier for your uterus to expand as your baby grows during this pregnancy.

  • Split abs or diastisis recti – This common condition occurs when your abdominal muscles separate and allows your belly to protrude more than normal. If you experienced this after your first pregnancy, it could affect how visible your bump is with your second pregnancy.
  • Fundal height – Fundal height is the size of your uterus which is measured at prenatal appointments. At 20 weeks, for instance, your fundal height should be approximately 20 centimeters. If your fundal height is greater than what is considered normal for your stage of pregnancy, it could be a sign that your uterus is expanding at a faster than normal rate.
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When to Expect a Visible Bump

For the average woman—with no prior history of multiple pregnancies—it’s usually mid-way through her second trimester that a visible baby bump begins to show. But, again, every woman is different; it won’t come as a surprise if you find yourself showing a bit sooner or later than the average.

Staying Comfortable

No matter how soon your baby bump might appear, try not to be too worried about it. A little extra room in your regular clothes shouldn’t be necessary until the start of your third trimester. Until then, solid maternity basics such as maternity bands, tanks and t-shirts should help you stay comfy.

The Bottom Line

It’s normal for your baby bump to appear a bit sooner during your second (or subsequent) pregnancy. But know that every pregnancy and every woman is unique, so having an exact timeline of when to expect your bump is impossible. When the time comes, maternity staples – like maternity bands and tanks – should keep you comfy and looking fabulous.

That said, if you’re concerned that your baby bump seems to be earlier and more prominent than with your first pregnancy, be sure to talk to your doctor.

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