Face Red Pregnancy

What is Face Red Pregnancy?

Face Red Pregnancy is an uncommon condition that affects expecting mothers during their gestation period. It is characterized by reddening of the cheeks, nose, and sometimes the forehead. The flushing of the facial skin can range from being mild to very severe, ranging from red to purple in color.

What Causes Face Red Pregnancy?

The exact cause of face red pregnancy is unknown, although researchers believe that the condition is caused by increased blood flow to the skin, which is due to the increased amount of hormones circulating in the pregnant woman’s body.

What Are The Symptoms Of Face Red Pregnancy?

The most common symptom of face red pregnancy is the reddening of the face and nose. Some women may experience other skin issues such as itchy skin, dry skin, and acne. In addition, women may experience an increase in sweating during their pregnancy, which can exacerbate the facial redness.

How Is Face Red Pregnancy Treated?

There is no definitive cure for face red pregnancy, however, there are some methods of relief that can help to reduce the facial reddening. Here are some ways to help relieve the symptoms of face red pregnancy:

  • Keep Cool: Avoiding hot showers and baths and wearing loose-fitting clothing can help keep you cool and prevent facial redness.
  • Drink lots of fluids: Drinking plenty of water can help reduce facial redness by keeping your skin hydrated.
  • Avoid triggers: Avoiding activities and substances that can trigger inflammation such as spicy foods, smoking and alcohol can also help reduce facial redness.
  • Use moisturizers: Applying a gentle, moisturizing cream on the face can help make the skin less dry and reduce facial redness.

Does Face Red Pregnancy Affect My Baby?

Fortunately, face red pregnancy does not affect the baby. In rare cases, some women may experience a decrease in appetite and nausea, however, these symptoms usually resolve on their own without medical intervention.


Face red pregnancy is an uncommon condition that causes reddening of the cheeks, nose, and forehead of expectant mothers. While there is no definitive cure, certain lifestyle modifications, such as avoiding triggers and using moisturizers, can help relieve the symptoms of face red pregnancy. Fortunately, this condition does not affect the unborn baby.

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