First Response Pregnancy Test Directions

The First Response Pregnancy Test is easy to use. For best results, use the test as soon as you suspect you are pregnant.

To use the test:

1. Remove the test from the foil pouch and take off the protective cap.

2. Hold the test by the edges and immerse the absorbent tip in to the urine stream for 5 seconds.

3. Replace the protective cap and lay the test on a flat surface.

4. Wait for 3 minutes for the test results to appear.

Positive: Two pink lines will appear, regardless of the intensity of the lines.

Negative: One pink line will appear.

Invalid: If no pink line appears, the test is invalid and should be repeated.

Pregnancy Test At 6Dpo

At 6DPO, the hCG levels in your urine may be detectable. If you are trying to get pregnant, this is the earliest time you can take a pregnancy test to detect if you are pregnant or not. The hCG levels will continue to rise until about 12 weeks of pregnancy, at which point they will plateau. If you are not pregnant, the hCG levels will drop and will be undetectable by the end of the first trimester.

No Period After Abortion Negative Pregnancy Test

So, you’ve had an abortion and are now experiencing what seems like a late period. But you’ve taken a pregnancy test and it’s come back negative – what’s going on?

Causes For White Discharge During Pregnancy

First of all, it’s important to understand that there is no “normal” after an abortion. Some women bleed for weeks, others may not have any bleeding at all. So don’t worry if you’re not bleeding like you would expect after a “normal” period.

That being said, it’s also important to understand that a negative pregnancy test can still mean that you’re pregnant. Pregnancy tests measure the level of the hormone hCG in your urine. If you’re still experiencing symptoms like nausea, fatigue and bloating, it’s possible that your hCG levels are still high, even if the test comes back negative.

If you’re concerned that you may still be pregnant, it’s important to speak with your doctor. They can perform a blood test to measure the hCG levels in your blood, and can help you determine whether or not you’re still pregnant.

How Soon Can A Pregnancy Test Show Positive


A pregnancy test can show positive results as soon as one day after a missed period. However, the majority of tests will not be positive until at least 14 days after a missed period.

How Does Clear Blue Pregnancy Test Work


The Clear Blue pregnancy test is a home pregnancy test that checks for the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in urine. hCG is a hormone secreted by the placenta during pregnancy. The test works by detecting the presence of hCG in urine. If hCG is present, the test will show a positive result.

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