How Long After Abortion For Negative Pregnancy Test

How Long After an Abortion For a Negative Pregnancy Test?

It is common for women who have just had an abortion to wonder how long it will take for them to have a negative pregnancy test. Taking a pregnancy test immediately after an abortion is not recommended, as the pregnancy hormones may still be present in the body.

How Long It Will Take to Receive a Negative Result

It is important to note that the length of time it takes to receive a negative test result will depend on the type of abortion you undergo and how far along the pregnancy was.

  • Abortions before 12 weeks: If you have an early medical or surgical abortion (up to 12 weeks of pregnancy), it is typically recommended to wait around two weeks after the procedure before taking a pregnancy test. This should ensure that the hormones are no longer detected in the body and you should receive a negative result.
  • Abortions after 12 weeks: If you have a late medical or surgical abortion (after 12 weeks of pregnancy), it can take as long as four to six weeks for all pregnancy hormones to leave your body. A negative result is more likely to be accurate during this time frame.

What Could Impact Test Results

If your pregnancy test shows up as ‘positive’ after the recommended waiting period and it conflicts with the procedure you underwent, it could indicate that the test is still being affected by the hormones and is not necessarily a sign of your pregnancy being retained.

  • Tissue left in the uterus: If there are pieces of tissue still present in the uterus, they may continue to produce hormones that can potentially show up in a pregnancy test. A repeated pregnancy test is recommended and an ultrasound can help if the test still shows up as positive.
  • Hormone levels: Some people may naturally produce hormones at a higher rate than others, and depending on their individual levels, it is possible that pregnancy hormones may remain in the body for longer. The amount of time taken for a negative test result can vary accordingly.
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It is important to give your body the time it needs to heal physically and emotionally before taking a pregnancy test. It is suggested that women wait two weeks after an early medical or surgical abortion and up to six weeks after a late medical or surgical abortion to receive a reliable result. Unless advised by your healthcare provider, it is not recommended to take a test earlier.

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