How Long Does It Take For A Blood Pregnancy Test

Time Needed for Blood Test to Detect Pregnancy

A blood pregnancy test is a reliable way to determine if you are expecting a baby. Usually, blood tests provide more sensitive results when compared to urine tests, and can detect a pregnancy earlier than urine tests can. However, how long does it take to get a positive result?

Timing of Test

The timing of the blood test is important when it comes to getting an accurate result. Generally, it takes about seven to ten days after fertilization for hCG, the hormone that is detected during a pregnancy test, to reach levels that can be detected in the blood. Therefore, it is best to wait until at least seven days after ovulation, or about a week after a missed period, to get an accurate result.

Time for Results

The amount of time it takes to get a result for a blood pregnancy test can vary depending on where the test is done and what type of test is used. Some hospitals and clinics provide on-site tests in which results are available within 10 minutes. Other tests may need to be sent to a lab and can take a few days to get results back.

Types of Tests

The sensitivity of the test can also affect how long it takes to get a result. Generally, there are two types of tests: qualitative and quantitative.

  • Qualitative: These tests look for the presence of the hormone hCG in the blood and can detect the hormone at lower levels. Therefore, these tests can provide a positive result earlier in a pregnancy.
  • Quantitative: These tests measure the exact amount of hCG in the blood which may provide a more precise picture of the pregnancy. However, these tests may take longer to get a result since they take more time to analyze the sample.


In summary, a blood pregnancy test can be a very accurate way to detect pregnancy and provide results earlier than a urine test can. The timing of the test is important for getting an accurate result, and the type of test used can affect the time it takes to get results back. However, with careful planning, a woman can get a reliable result and find out if she is expecting a baby.

How accurate is a blood pregnancy test?

Typically, a blood pregnancy test is about 99% accurate. This means that for every 100 women tested, about 99 of the tests will accurately detect pregnancy, and 1 test will be a false-negative or false-positive result. Blood tests are generally considered more accurate than urine tests since they measure the exact amount of the hormone hCG in the blood rather than just indicating its presence.

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