How Much Chance Of Pregnancy During Ovulation

How Much Chance Of Pregnancy During Ovulation?

Ovulation is the most fertile period of a woman’s menstrual cycle, and it increases the chances of pregnancy. During ovulation, an egg is released from the ovary and travels down the fallopian tube. If the released egg comes in contact with sperm, then the chances of conception can increase.

What Factors Affect the Chances of Pregnancy During Ovulation?

The chances of pregnancy during ovulation are determined mostly by the timing of ovulation in relation to sexual intercourse. The sooner the egg is released in relation to the act of intercourse, the better the chances of conception. Other factors that can contribute to the chances of pregnancy are:

  • Health: Both partners should be in good health if they want to conceive. The man should have enough sperm count and should be in good shape. The woman should be of the right age, preferably in her 20s or early 30s, and should have regular menstrual cycles.
  • Fertility: The quality of the sperm and the egg can also affect the chances of a successful conception. A fertility check up is advisable for both partners if conception is desired.
  • Reproductive health: Sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, low sperm count and low libido can all reduce chances of conception.
  • Lifestyle: Avoiding smoking, drugs and excessive alcohol can improve fertility.

What Are the Chances of Pregnancy During Ovulation?

The chances of getting pregnant during ovulation can vary depending on the factors mentioned earlier. Generally speaking, the chances of conception can be as high as 30% to 40% if intercourse takes place on the day of ovulation. The chances of pregnancy go down as the day of ovulation moves away.

The following table summarizes the chances of pregnancy with varying days of intercourse in relation to ovulation:

Intercourse relative to ovulationChances of pregnancy
Day of ovulation30%-40%
1 day before ovulation20%-30%
2 days before ovulation15-20%
3 days before ovulation10-15%
4 days before ovulation5-10%
5 days before ovulation0-5%


The chances of getting pregnant during ovulation depend on the timing of sexual intercourse in relation to the ovulation period. The higher the chances of conception, the more intercourse should take place around the time of ovulation. Both partners should have a fertility checkup and lead a healthy lifestyle to increase the chances of successful conception.

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