How To Announce A Pregnancy At Work

Announcing a Pregnancy in the Workplace

Becoming a new parent is a major life event, but with the dawn of the career-driven world, this exciting new chapter can advise a unique set of challenges. Assuming you’ve discussed the timing of your announcement with your partner, here’s a few tips on how to navigate the process while staying true to yourself and your values:

1. Timing is Key

Figuring out the right moment to announce your pregnancy will require consideration of both your working environment and the global context. Every company’s culture is different, so familiarize yourself with your company’s policies on family leave and maternity/paternity options like flex time flexible scheduling. Scheduling a meeting with Human Resources can provide peace of mind with regards to your eligibility and how you might integrate your changing needs into the workplace.

2. Timing Your Announcement

Once you’ve done your research, decide when will be the right time to communicate your news. It’s a difficult balance to strike, but typically announcing when you’re reasonably sure you’ll be continuing your employment, but still early enough that you’ll have either changed your role or received any additional support you may require to fulfill your job duties.

It’s also important to enthusiastically prepare to come back to work if you plan to. If you have cleared that with your organisation, make sure you let people know that you’re excited about your continuing role in the workplace.

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3. Crafting Your Message

When it comes to the actual announcement, you’ll want to make sure you have a plan to engage your audience and maximize visibility. Here are a few ideas to help you prepare:

  • Send an email: Sending a message via company email allows your colleagues to read your words at their own pace and process the information in a productive manner.
  • Make a phone call: Whether you’re calling your colleagues one-by-one or a larger group of managers, a phone call gives you an opportunity to build better relationships. If you think your communication style works better on the phone, this is an excellent way to deliver your message.
  • Do a presentation: If you’re comfortable giving your news in front of a large audience, a presentation is a great choice. Not only can this option create a feeling of unity amongst the team, it can help make sure everyone hears the news at once.
  • Post on social media: This can feel tricky, depending on the work culture. Posting your announcement on your personal social media platforms can be a great idea; just make sure you’re comfortable with everyone from your work knowing about it.

4. Prepare for the Response

Change is always inevitable in the workplace, but announcing a pregnancy can sometimes come with an immediate change in the way people perceive and interact with you. While some colleagues might react positively, others might not. It’s important to keep in mind that it’s ok to take a moment and process the news before you respond.

Ultimately, how you respond to your peers is up to you. Some people might not know how to handle a new pregnancy announcement, so be prepared to be open and honest as you navigate each situation as it arises.

5. Have a Support System in Place

No matter how well you plan, there will be changes that come up both in the workplace and in your personal life after your announcement. Make sure that you have trusted support systems in place so you can take the pressure off yourself. Whether it’s a friend, relative or professional resource, it helps to have someone to turn to throughout the process.


Announcing your pregnancy in the workplace can be an exciting, yet nerve-wracking experience. Taking the time to plan your announcement and practice self care can be the difference between a successful transition and a stressful one. Ultimately, with the right preparation, you can feel confident in sharing your news with confidence.

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