How To Keep A Pregnancy Secret

How to Keep a Pregnancy Secret

Being pregnant can be a daunting experience, especially if you need to keep the news a surprise from family members and friends. Here are some tips on how to keep your secret and ease the pressure of revealing your wonderful news on your own terms:

1. Keep Your Daily Routine

In the early stages of pregnancy, keeping your daily routine familiar will help hide any tell-tale changes. Avoid cancelling any activities or social obligations until you’re ready to share your news.

2. Avoid Shopping for Infant Supplies

It may be tempting to buy your baby essentials early, but doing so will leave you open to being found out! Wait until you are ready to reveal your news in order to avoid any questions.

3. Speak to Your Partner

Enlist the help of your partner and make a plan for when and to whom you would like to reveal your exciting news. This way, you won’t be caught off guard when quizzed about the date of any upcoming special events.

4. Maintain Your Normal Habits

To not draw attention to your pregnancy, be sure to maintain the same habits, such as eating, drinking and sleeping. For instance, if you usually drink alcohol prior to becoming pregnant, continue to do so to avoid suspicion from those around you.

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5. Avoid Discussing Symptoms

Due to sensitivity around the topic, it is probably best to avoid talking about any symptoms you may be experiencing. For example, if you’re struggling with morning sickness, be sure to keep it to yourself.

6. Avoid Telling Close Friends and Family

Although it is important to have someone you can share with, avoid revealing your news to close family and friends. Share when you are comfortable with the idea and in control of how the news reaches others.

7. Keep the Baby Room Hidden

If you decide to begin setting up the baby’s room, be sure to keep it out of sight from visitors. This secret space can provide a little hideaway for you during this special time.

8. Embrace a Relaxing Mindset

Stressing over a secret can be quite overwhelming, so it is important to remind yourself that you are in control of when and to whom you choose to reveal your news. Take deep breaths and keep a positive attitude to remain stress-free.

Keeping a pregnancy secret can be a challenging, yet exciting time. Use these tips to help you stay relaxed and to ultimately decide when it is best to share your news with those around you.

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