Is Panda Express Safe During Pregnancy

Is Panda Express Safe During Pregnancy?

If you’re a pregnant woman, you might find yourself questioning whether you can still eat at your favorite fast food restaurant, Panda Express. After all, while pregnancy presents an extra layer of care when it comes to food safety that other diners need not consider, you still crave those Chinese-style dishes.

Fortunately, the food on offer at Panda Express can generally be enjoyed safely by pregnant women, provided that a few precautions are taken.

Safe Choices at Panda Express for Pregnant Women

  • Orange Chicken
  • Shanghai Angus Steak
  • Kung Pao Chicken
  • SweetFire Chicken Breast
  • Mushroom Chicken
  • Veggies & Tofu
  • White Steamed Rice
  • Chow Mein
  • Edamame

These items (and many others) do not contain any ingredients that are likely to be harmful to expectant mothers. The restaurant is also known as one of the first to be certified as a “green-friendly” business, which helps to ensure that the food is produced and delivered in the safest possible manner.

Ingredients to Avoid During Pregnancy

  • Sushi, raw fish or other uncooked seafood
  • Soft cheeses or unpasteurized cheese
  • Deli meats such as bologna, salami, ham, and corned beef
  • Raw Eggs

  • Organ meats
  • Certain types of fish, such as swordfish and tilefish

While Panda Express doesn’t offer any of these foods, pregnant women should consider looking at the list of ingredients in any dish before ordering to make sure that their meal is safe. Also, remember to request that your food is cooked thoroughly and that any ingredients that may contain bacteria (such as eggs) are cooked through.

Make Sure to Drink Plenty of Water

No matter what you decide to eat, pregnant women must make sure to drink plenty of water. Dehydration can be very harmful to a developing baby, and can easily occur if enough water is not consumed. As the well-known saying goes: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

In conclusion, there is no reason why pregnant women cannot enjoy Panda Express, as long as they make sure to avoid the foods and ingredients noted above, and keep hydrated.

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