Paperwork Positive Pregnancy Blood Test Results

Understanding Positive Pregnancy Blood Test Results

Pregnancy blood tests are used to confirm a positive pregnancy, where a home pregnancy test has already revealed a positive result. The most common type of pregnancy blood test is a quantitative serum beta HCG test, and this is usually done to detect the presence of hCG, which is the ‘pregnancy hormone’. If a positive test result is seen, it usually means there’s an early-stage pregnancy in progress.

Indication of Positive Pregnancy Blood Tests

There are several indicators of a positve pregnancy blood test result, which could include:

  • Rising levels of hCG – As the fetus develops, the level of hCG produced in the mother’s body increases. A positive test result will confirm this rise..
  • High hCG levels – High levels of hCG can indicate successful implantation, which means the embryo has implanted in the mother’s uterus and the pregnancy is proceeding normally.
  • Determining the presence of the loss – A positive pregnancy blood test can help to determine whether the pregnancy is intact or has been ectopic (outside the uterus).

Limitations of Positive Pregnancy Blood Tests

Though positive results from a pregnancy blood test can be highly reliable and accurate, there are some caveats to consider, such as:

  • Low levels of hCG – Low levels of hCG can indicate a possible miscarriage or blighted ovum, where the embryo has stopped developing.
  • Undetected ectopic pregnancy – An ectopic pregnancy can go undetected with a positive pregnancy blood test if the level of hCG is too low for detection.

Receiving Positive Pregnancy Blood Test Results

Typically, you can expect to receive a positive pregnancy blood test result in one to three days after the test is completed. If the result is positive, your doctor will usually order a series of follow-up tests to determine the health of the pregnancy and the associated risk factors.

In conclusion, a positive pregnancy blood test result generally indicates a normal pregnancy, however, it is important to discuss the results with your doctor in order to make sure the pregnancy is healthy and progressing normally.

Paperwork After Positive Pregnancy Blood Test Results

Navigating paperwork after a positive pregnancy blood test result can often feel like an arduous task. After all, it’s not the most exciting part of the whole experience. However, sometimes being prepared ahead of time and understanding what to expect can make the whole process a bit easier.

Pre-Screening Questions

The first paperwork you can expect to encounter is a series of pre-screening questions. Your healthcare provider will likely ask a wide array of questions to better understand your medical history and help to get a better picture of what your next steps should be.


After pre-screening questions, an ultrasound appointment will likely be scheduled. This appointment will help provide a better visual of the fetus and regardless of the outcome, can be an exciting and momentous occasion. The ultrasound usually takes about 15-30 minutes and will help further assess potential signs to better diagnose further.

Further Diagnoses

After the ultrasound has taken place, the next step is typically either a few additional tests or a conversation with the healthcare provider about the next steps. The healthcare provider might suggest further tests or diagnostic procedures depending on the outcome of the ultrasound, such as CVS or amniocentesis. These tests can help determine any potential genetic conditions or birth defects.

Expectations and Follow-Up Appointments

Your healthcare provider will also likely go over expectations moving forward and discuss the importance of scheduling any follow-up appointments as needed. During each visit, your healthcare provider will want to go over vital signs such as blood pressure and weight, any changes in lifestyle, and any other concerns you might have.


Navigating the paperwork related to a positive pregnancy blood test results can feel overwhelming, but understanding what to expect and being prepared ahead of time can make the whole process smoother. Your healthcare provider will be your best guide, but with a bit of knowledge, the task won’t feel as daunting!

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