Prayer For Healthy Pregnancy

Prayer for a Healthy Pregnancy

When couples or individuals conceive a baby, they have a mountain of emotions, worries, plans and aspirations for the life their child will lead. One man or woman’s faith may lead them to wholeheartedly believe in the power of prayer, even if conception is difficult. Praying for a healthy pregnancy has a long tradition in the faith.

Power of Prayer

Prayer can be more than a way to ask for a healthy pregnancy; it can be a form of self-care and mindfulness, a chance to put all of your worries in God’s hands and release the burden for a moment. The power and comfort of prayer have been documented throughout the ages, with many people finding solace in speaking their worries aloud to their higher power.

Praying For An Unborn Child

When praying for the health and safety of a pregnant woman and an unborn child, the most common prayers are that the pregnancy will move forward in a safe and problem-free manner. Depending on the faith of the person, different wording or even different words may be used.

  • Christians often use “Lord, be a guard to my unborn baby and protect him or her in my womb”

  • Muslims may use “Oh Allah, protect my pregnancy and keep me and my baby safe”
  • Hindus use the prayer “Lord Shiva, may this pregnancy be safe and successful”

Moms-to-be can also take comfort in Psalms 127, which states “Blessed is everyone who fears the Lord, who walks in his ways. You will be blessed with fruit of your womb.”

Praying For a Healthy Child

Closely related to the wish for a safe pregnancy is the wish for a healthy baby. Many parents-to-be make specific requests regarding their unborn child, such as praying for blessings of physical and mental health, intelligence, and creativity.

  • A Christian parent could pray “Lord, may my child be blessed with knowledge, love, and joy”.
  • A Muslim parent might ask “Oh Allah, grant my child blessings of strength, health and wisdom”.
  • A Hindu parent might say “Lord, keep my child safe and bestow them with the gift of intelligence.”

In addition to prayers for physical and mental well-being, many people pray for protection from outside harm, such as the ill-wishes of those who may envy the pregnancy.


Prayer can be a powerful and beautiful tool during pregnancy, whether used to request safety and health, or simply to comfort a worried soul. Praying for a healthy pregnancy can be a wonderful way to bring together the couple and wish for the best for their little one. No matter the faith, countless millions of people turn to the heavens in hopes of a successful pregnancy, and asking for divine intervention has a long and cherished tradition for expectant couples of every faith.

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