Pregnancy Body Temperature

What Is Pregnancy Body Temperature?

Pregnancy body temperature is the temperature a pregnant woman’s body records just before and during pregnancy. It is also called basal body temperature (BBT) and is measured to predict when a woman can conceive and possibly help track her ovulation cycle. Generally, the higher the temperature, the longer the fertility window for conception.

How Is Pregnancy Body Temperature Measured?

A woman’s pregnancy body temperature is typically taken orally using a thermometer every morning before getting out of bed. This temperature is higher than the normal body temperature because the body adjusts to a hormonal shift, called the “resting” stage of the cycle.

Some Reasons To Measure Pregnancy Body Temperature

1. To help predict the time of ovulation and when a woman is fertile.

2. To identify if a woman’s body is affected by a hormonal imbalance.

3. To help determine when a woman’s body is in its optimal state to conceive.

4. To identify any possible complications surrounding the menstrual cycle and ovulation.

5. To provide insight into a woman’s overall health and fertility.

How Does Pregnancy Body Temperature Help Predict Fertility?

As a woman’s body experiences an increase in hormones and a shift in temperature to a higher range the day ovulation occurs, her temperature rises. Keeping track of these daily changes in temperature allows a woman to identify when she is ovulating. When pregnant, her temperature remains higher than usual for several days before returning back to its normal range.

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What Can Complicate The Measuring Of Pregnancy Body Temperature?

There are sometimes factors that can affect the accuracy of the temperature reading. Some of these can include:

  • Taking the temperature at the same time each morning.
  • Stress levels and changes to regular sleeping patterns.
  • Illness, fever, and allergies.
  • Menopause and other reproductive disturbances.


Pregnancy body temperature is an important factor to help determine when a woman can conceive. While the temperature measurements should not be taken to replace the medical advice of a doctor, keeping track of a woman’s temperature can help determine when she is in her optimal fertility window. Therefore, tracking temperature can help inform a woman if her body is in its optimal state of fertility and possibly save her time in conception.

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