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## A Closer Look at Those Affordable Pregnancy Tests from Family Dollar

When it’s time to test whether or not you might be expecting a new addition to the family, it can be a daunting time. But beyond the emotional stress that can come with taking a pregnancy test, there’s also the financial toll to consider. Don’t worry – help is here in the form of pregnancy tests from Family Dollar.

### Affordable Options

Family Dollar provides an array of pregnancy tests, from digital to simple dipstick, to fit any budget and any testing method you prefer. Their tests range from **less than $10**, so that you don’t need to break the bank in order to test for pregnancy. Here are just a few of the tests available:

* **First Response Digital Pregnancy Test (3-Pack):** This set of three digital pregnancy tests allows you to test up to three months earlier than the typical test. They are incredibly easy to use, and can provide accurate results often as soon as one minute after taking the test.

* **Clearblue Easy Digital Pregnancy Test (2-Pack):** This set of two digital pregnancy tests is designed to provide an easy-to-read result, thanks to its digital readout of “pregnant” or “not pregnant”. These tests can be taken up to seven days before your expected period.

* **Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test (2-Pack):** This set of two dipstick-style pregnancy tests can be taken up to five days before your expected period. Results show up in clear “pregnant” or “not pregnant” lines on the stick, making it easier to read.

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### Tips for Choosing the Right Pregnancy Test

While the methods of taking a pregnancy test vary, some key points remain the same no matter which style you prefer.

* Always read the instructions carefully before taking any type of test.
* Use the test within its design time frame: expired tests may not work correctly or provide inaccurate results.
* Don’t wait to use the test if you suspect you may be pregnant. If a test indicates a negative result, it could be too early to tell and you should take a second test a few days later.
* Take the test in the morning: the concentration of the hormone (HCG) that the test detects can result in more accurate readings in the morning.

### A Word of Warning

Remember no test is 100% accurate. No matter which type of test you use, results should be confirmed with a medical professional.

Happy testing!

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