Signs Of Twins Pregnancy

Signs of Twin Pregnancy

Carrying more than one baby while pregnant can be daunting, yet also a joyous occasion. Knowing the signs and symptoms of a twin pregnancy can be helpful when expecting.

The Difference Between a Single versus Twin Pregnancy

The most obvious difference between a single versus twin pregnancy is the presence of more than one fetus in the uterus. Other common differences that can arise include the following:

  • Fetal Movements: Those carrying multiples may feel twice the number of fetal movements than usual.
  • Weight Gain: Due to the presence of more than one fetus, a mother will experience an accelerated and higher weight gain.

  • Complications: Higher risks and potential complications are much more common in a twin pregnancy, such as preterm delivery, preeclampsia, and c-section.
  • Uterus Size: The uterus size may be larger than expected when carrying more than one fetus.

Common Signs of a Twin Pregnancy

Expecting mothers may experience more pronounced signs and symptoms when carrying twins, such as:

  1. Frequent Urination: Expecting mothers who are carrying twins may feel the need to urinate more frequently. This is due to the uterus enlarging to accommodate more than one baby, leading to increased pressure on the bladder.
  2. High hCG Levels: The levels of the pregnancy hormone, hCG, can be measured through a qualitative blood test. Those carrying twins usually show elevated hCG levels than that of a single pregnancy.
  3. Ultrasounds: An ultrasound can help detect any anomalies that may arise when carrying a twin pregnancy. This test is usually conducted at 8-10 weeks.
  4. Risk Factors: Risk factors that increase the likelihood of carrying twins include age, past twin deliveries, a family history of multiple births, and the use of fertility treatments.

It is recommended for expecting mothers to schedule frequent prenatal visits with a healthcare provider if expecting twins. This will help monitor the health of both mother and the fetuses throughout the pregnancy journey.

Signs Of Twins Pregnancy

Pregnant women who happen to be expecting twins likely have a variety of questions about the unique aspect that comes with expecting two. While there is no definitive and sure-fire way to know if you are having twins until you begin your ultrasound appointments, there are a few signs that may indicate that two may be on the way.

Early Ultrasounds

The definitive way to know that you are having two babies arrive is to see two heartbeats on the screen during your early ultrasound appointment. Ultrasounds typically begin at 6-8 weeks gestation, which is right around when you first start to get a positive pregnancy test. Twin pregnancy with two separate sacs and two placentas can be identified on an ultrasound by the 9th week of pregnancy.

Higher HCG

During a twin pregnancy, the hormone levels in your body may be higher than with a single pregnancy. This is caused by heightened HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) levels which can be tested through a blood screening.

Uterine Size

One possibility of determining if you’re expecting twins is to have your doctor measure the size of your uterus during your appointments. With fraternal twins, the uterus may be larger than what is to be expected with a single pregnancy.

Weight Gain

Women who are expecting twins may tend to gain their weight at an accelerated rate compared to those pregnant with a single baby. As twins grow, each baby usually draws the same nutrients and may also cause the mother to seek more calories in order to provide necessary nourishment for both.


Extreme fatigue and nausea tend to be more pronounced with twin pregnancies. As with any single pregnancy, these issues can lessen or stay the same as the twins develop in the womb.

Ultimately, the clearest sign that you are expecting twins is to have your doctor confirm them through an ultrasound. Understanding what other possible signs there may be to indicate that you may be expecting twins can help to provide peace of mind until you receive this confirmation.


Becoming aware of the signs of a twin pregnancy can help you to prepare and make the necessary adjustments of expecting two. ultrasound appointment is necessary before a finalized answer can be given, understanding these signs of twin pregnancy can help to provide some peace of mind and answer a lot of questions.

If you suspect that you are having twins, make sure to tell your doctor during your prenatal setup as this knowledge can help to prepare for the needs that come with expecting two.

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