Uterus Feels Heavy Early Pregnancy

## Uterus Feels Heavy Early Pregnancy

It’s normal, and even expected, to feel heaviness and fullness in your uterus during early pregnancy. This is usually a sign that your body is changing to accommodate the growth of a healthy baby.

### What Causes Uterus Feel Heavy?

As your uterus grows, it stretches and moves upward. This causes uterus to feel full, heavy and large. Additionally, your uterus is surrounded by a firewall of other organs that are also growing. This includes your bladder, increasing the sensation of bladder fullness. During early pregnancy, your expanding uterus is also responsible for other common discomforts such as:

* **Back pain** – As your uterus grows, it shifts forward and puts pressure on your spine causing back pain.

* **Bloating** – As more and more weight is put on your digestive organs, it can cause bloating in the stomach.

* **Increased urination** – As your uterus expands, it puts more pressure on your bladder and fills with more urine. This causes you to need to pee more often.

### How Can You Relieve Heavy Uterus During Early Pregnancy?

Although heaviness in your uterus during early pregnancy is normal, there are some ways to help relieve the discomfort. Here are some tips that can help:

* **Exercise** – Exercise can help reduce tension in the body, alleviate back pain and improve overall circulation.

* **Get plenty of rest** – The more you rest and relax, the less full your uterus feels.

* **Drink plenty of water** – Staying hydrated helps reduce your risk of dehydration and helps your body process nutrition more efficiently.

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* **Eat smaller meals** – Eating smaller meals can help reduce bloating and alleviate pressure on your digestive system.

* **Wear comfortable, supportive clothing** – Wearing comfortable clothing that won’t put additional strain on your body can help reduce discomfort and pain.

* **Reduce stress** – Reducing stress can help relieve tension in the body and help improve overall well-being.

By following these tips, you can help reduce the sensation of heaviness in your uterus during early pregnancy and help make you feel more comfortable. Remember to always talk to your doctor before initiating any new exercise routine or making drastic dietary changes.

Your doctor can provide more insight on the sensations of heaviness you may be feeling and ensure that everything is progressing normally.

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