What Week Starts The 3Rd Trimester

What Week Starts the 3rd Trimester?

The 3rd trimester of pregnancy is often referred to as ‘The Home Stretch’ – it marks a time when expecting mothers are filled with both eager anticipation and anxiety as they prepare for their new arrival. But when exactly does this important trimester start?

The Technical Answer

The answer to this question depends on the definition of a trimester that you are using. Traditionally, each trimester consists of 12 to 13 weeks. According to this definition, the 3rd trimester typically begins at the 28th week of pregnancy and ends shortly before birth, around the 40th week.

The Practical Answer

However, the practical answer is a bit more ambiguous – pregnant mothers may find that their 3rd trimester begins earlier or later than 28 weeks. It all depends on how your body is feeling, how you’re progressing and how your baby is doing. For example, if your baby has already turned head-down and is moving around actively, it’s likely that the 3rd trimester has already begun for you.

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Signs That You’re Entering the 3rd Trimester

Regardless of what week it officially begins, most expecting mothers will experience certain changes to indicate that they’ve entered the 3rd trimester. These include:

  • Increased back pain: As your baby grows and shifts position, you may experience more pressure and pain in your lower back.
  • Braxton-Hicks contractions: You may find that intermittent tightening of your abdomen―more commonly known as ‘false labor’―becomes more regular as you enter your 3rd trimester.
  • Decreased mobility: Fatigue and growing size may make it difficult to move around comfortably.

By the time you experience these signs, it’s highly likely that you have officially entered the 3rd trimester and the Home Stretch is really beginning!

What Week Is The Start Of The 3Rd Trimester For Pregnant Women?

The third trimester for pregnant women typically begins at week 28.

What is the last week of the second trimester for pregnant women?

The last week of the second trimester for pregnant women is usually around week 28.

What is the start date of the third trimester for pregnant women?

The start date for the third trimester of pregnancy typically falls around the 28th week of gestation, which is around the seventh month of pregnancy.

What is the due date for pregnancies in the third trimester?

The typical due date for pregnancies in the third trimester is between 37-42 weeks of gestation.

What are the risks associated with going past your due date?

1. Macrosomia: The baby grows large due to a prolonged pregnancy, making it more difficult and potentially dangerous to deliver.

2. Stillbirth: The risk of stillbirth drastically increases with a pregnancy that extends beyond the due date.

3. Fetal distress: An extended pregnancy may increase the chance of the baby being deprived of oxygen and nutrients for an overly long period of time, which can result in fetal distress.

4. Birth injuries: Going past your due date increases the risk of the baby being too large for the mother’s birth canal and increases the risk of the baby sustaining a birth injury due to labor and delivery complications.

5. Infection: Prolonged pregnancy increases the risk of the membranes around the baby and the amniotic fluid becoming infected, which can be dangerous for the baby and potentially fatal.

6. C-section: The risk of Cesarean section drastically increases with an overdue baby.

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