When Can I Take A Blood Pregnancy Test

##When Can I Take A Blood Pregnancy Test?
Taking a blood pregnancy test can give you nearly conclusive results much earlier in your pregnancy than a standard urine-based pregnancy test. But, when can you actually take a blood test?

Generally speaking, you can get a blood pregnancy test done as early as six to eight days after you ovulate. This is roughly seven to nine days past your expected period – though it can vary depending on the brand.

Accuracy of the test can depend on:

* The brand of test you take
* The sensitivity of the test
* The qualifications of those taking the test

If you are trying to determine when you are most likely to get the best results, consider timing your pregnancy test at the peak of your LH surge (day 16 and 17 in a normal 28 day cycle). This is when your progesterone levels are highest, and when your test will most accurately reflect your pregnancy status.

###Types of Tests

There are two basic types of blood pregnancy tests available:

1. Qualitative HCG Test:
This test measures the presence of the pregnancy hormone HCG in the bloodstream. It will determine whether you are pregnant or not, but it won’t give you a quantitative measure of the amount of HCG present.

2. Quantitative HCG Test:
This type of test is more common for those experiencing a possible ectopic pregnancy or for those performing fertility treatments. This test measures exactly how much HCG is present in the bloodstream for a more accurate result.

###Pros of a Blood Pregnancy Test
Here are some advantages of taking a blood pregnancy test:

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* Nearly conclusive accuracy
* Results are available in as little as a few hours
* Results can often be more accurate than a urine-based test
* Can be done as soon as 6-8 days after you ovulate

###Cons of a Blood Pregnancy Test
Blood tests do have their limitations:

* More expensive than urine-based tests
* Must be done at a laboratory or by a doctor
* Results take longer to get back
* Can’t be done anonymously

Overall, if you want results you can trust and don’t mind waiting a day or two for results, a blood pregnancy test is your best option. However, if you want results quickly and can’t wait, you may want to try a urine-based pregnancy test.

What is the earliest I can take a blood pregnancy test?

Most blood pregnancy tests can detect a pregnancy around 8-10 days after conception. If you are trying to get the most accurate result, consider timing your tests around the peak of your LH surge (day 16 and 17 in a normal 28 day cycle).

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