Drink In Early Pregnancy

Drink In Early Pregnancy

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the advisability of drinking alcohol during early pregnancy. The March of Dimes, for example, advises pregnant women to abstain from drinking alcohol altogether. The organization points out that no amount of alcohol is known to be safe during pregnancy.

There are a few different ways that alcohol can potentially harm an unborn baby. Alcohol can interfere with the development of the baby’s brain and central nervous system. It can also cause the baby to be born prematurely or have a low birth weight.

Drinking alcohol during early pregnancy can also increase the risk of miscarriage. In fact, alcohol is the leading cause of preventable miscarriage in the United States.

There is no safe time during pregnancy to drink alcohol. The sooner you stop drinking, the better. If you are trying to get pregnant, or are currently pregnant, it is best to abstain from alcohol altogether.

Early Pregnancy Discharge Look Like

The first thing to understand is that there are different types of discharge that can occur during early pregnancy.

The most common type is white and thick, and is known as leukorrhea. Leukorrhea is caused by the increased production of estrogen and is normal and harmless. However, if you notice a sudden change in the amount or color of discharge, or if it smells bad, you should contact your doctor.

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Other types of discharge that can occur during early pregnancy include:

• A watery discharge, which is usually not a cause for concern
• A bloody discharge, which can be a sign of a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy
• A green discharge, which can be a sign of a bacterial infection

If you are experiencing any type of discharge during early pregnancy, it is important to contact your doctor for advice.

How Early Can A Pregnancy Test Be Positive

A pregnancy test can be positive as early as 7-10 days after conception. The test measures the level of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in the urine. hCG is a hormone that is produced by the placenta shortly after the embryo implants in the uterus. The level of hCG doubles every two to three days in early pregnancy. So, if the pregnancy test is negative and you still don’t get your period, wait a few days and test again. If the test is still negative, see your doctor.

Progesterone Levels Early Pregnancy

A woman’s progesterone levels are typically highest early in her pregnancy. Progesterone is a hormone that is important for maintaining a healthy pregnancy. A woman’s progesterone levels can be checked with a blood test. If her progesterone levels are low, her doctor may prescribe a progesterone supplement.

Itchy Boobs Early Pregnancy

Many women experience itchy breasts early in their pregnancies. This is a common symptom, and is most likely caused by hormones that are changing in the body.

The breasts may also be swollen and tender. This is because the breasts are preparing for milk production. The skin on the breasts may also be stretched tight, which can lead to itchiness.

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There is no treatment for itchy breasts during pregnancy, but the symptoms usually go away after a few weeks. In the meantime, you can try to relieve the itchiness by using a moisturizing cream or lotion.

If the itchiness is severe or does not go away after a few weeks, talk to your doctor. He or she may be able to prescribe a topical cream or suggest other ways to relieve the itchiness.

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