Pregnancy Surprise Ideas For Husband

Pregnancy Surprise Ideas For Husband

Being pregnant is a huge milestone for any couple. A baby represents the culmination of months of planning, uncertainty and anticipation, and the father should be no less involved in the journey than the mother. To ensure the news of your soon-to-be-born baby is provided with a flourish, here are some wonderful pregnancy surprise ideas for your husband that are sure to delight:

1. Throw a Pregnancy Reveal Party

Invite your close family and friends over for a surprise pregnancy reveal party. There are several fun ways to announce the news at such a gathering. Consider making customized t-shirts with a cute message, baking a cake with a message announcing the news, or having a large photo of you both with a positive pregnancy test result.

2. Plan a Gift Basket Reveal

An alternative to a party is a gift basket pregnancy reveal. Fill a basket with everything from a pacifier or stuffed animal to a onesie or set of baby booties. When presenting the basket to your husband, watch his face as he discovers the wonderful surprise.

3. Give a Thoughtful Card

Go the traditional route and give your husband a card to announce the pregnancy. Choose a card with a special message and inside, write a heartfelt note about your plans for the future. Remember to devote time and attention to this special gesture, as it will be a memory your husband will cherish.

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4. Take Baby Photos Together

Another way to break the news is to take a series of photos of you two, either posing normally or with some creativity. At the end, present a special photo that shows the baby is on the way.

5. Get Creative

If you want to do something truly unique, there are several ways to surprise your husband. For example, you can organize a treasure hunt, with the final prize being a positive pregnancy test result. Or, you can plan a romantic picnic and hide the surprise in a bottle of champagne or serenade your husband with a song.

6. Get Around the Globe

If you have friends and family that live around the world, you can surprise your husband with a “around the world” theme pregnancy reveal. Ask each of your global contacts if they would be willing to record themselves announcing the pregnancy news and send the videos. Then, your husband will have a multi-cultural pregnancy announcement from across the world.

Pregnancy can be an overwhelming time for couples and can bring about mixed emotions. These pregnancy surprise ideas help to make the moment special, and remind you both that there is much to look forward to.

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