Tailbone Pain Early Pregnancy

## What is Tailbone Pain?
Tailbone pain is the pain that occurs near the end of the spine, where the tailbone, or coccyx, is located. It’s an ailment that disproportionately affects women, with up to a third of women having tailbone pain at some point in their lives, particularly during pregnancy.

## Causes of Tailbone Pain in Early Pregnancy

Tailbone pain during early pregnancy can be caused by a few different things. During the early stages of pregnancy, the hormone relaxin is released by your body. This hormone is responsible for relaxing the ligaments and joints in the pelvic area to prepare the body for labor. This increased flexibility can cause the joints and ligaments to become overstretched, resulting in tailbone pain. Here are some of the other causes of tailbone pain early pregnancy:

* An increase in body weight.
* Pressure or stretching of the pelvic muscles due to the growing uterus
* Sitting for long periods of time
* An injury to the tailbone

## Treatment for Tailbone Pain Early Pregnancy

Tailbone pain during early pregnancy can be uncomfortable and disruptive. Fortunately, there are a few different treatments you can try to help relieve the pain. Here’s a list of the recommended treatments:

**1. Adopt the Right Posture**

Make sure that you’re adopting the right posture while sitting and standing. Try to keep your spine straight, and keep your feet flat on the floor. Use a office chair that has adjustable lumbar support (to prevent slouching).

**2. Relaxation Techniques**

Relaxation techniques like yoga can help to stretch tense muscles, reduce stress and ease pain.

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**3. Exercise**

Exercises like walking can help to strengthen the abdominal and pelvic muscles that support your joints, and reduce the pressure placed on your tailbone.

**4. Heat or Ice Therapy**

Heat or ice therapy can help to reduce inflammation and pain.

**5. Pads and Cushions**

You can use a specially-designed tailbone cushion or gel pad to provide support and relieve pressure.

**6. Medication**

Your doctor can provide anti-inflammatory medications or painkillers to help reduce your pain and discomfort.

## Prevention of Tailbone Pain

You can reduce your chances of experiencing tailbone pain during early pregnancy by taking these precautionary measures:

* Make sure to keep an eye on your posture while sitting and standing.
* Avoid sitting in one position for extended periods of time – take breaks if possible.
* Include low-impact aerobic exercise in your daily routine.
* Use a chair or cushion to provide you with added support while sitting.
* See a doctor if you’re experiencing severe or persistent pain.

Tailbone pain is an irritating and uncomfortable ailment, but with these tips and tricks, you can help to reduce your pain and discomfort during early pregnancy.

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