What Do Breast Look Like In Early Pregnancy

What Do Breasts Look Like in Early Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a special time for a woman and her body goes through a lot of changes. One of the earliest of such changes is the changes in the breast. So what do breasts look like in early pregnancy?

Breast Soreness and Tenderness

As hormones begin to surge through the body during early pregnancy, a woman can expect to experience some tenderness and soreness in her breasts. This is a common symptom that can manifest within a few days after conception and can last through out the pregnancy. The degree of soreness can vary, but generally what one can expect is a feeling of general achiness, an overall sensitivity and an occasional twinge of pains in the nipples.

Size Increase

Another common change during early pregnancy is a size increase in the breasts. It is likely that the breasts will not become larger in size until later in the pregnancy when the body begins to secrete colostrum and other hormones that prepare the breasts for lactation. However, in the early stages, some women may experience a slight increase in size. The new size may or may not be noticeable as it does depend on the size of the woman’s breasts prior to the pregnancy.

Darkening of the Areolas

In addition to size and soreness, pregnant women may also notice that the areola of their breasts become darker in color. This darkened color may range from pinkish to a deep brown and is a normal part of pregnancy as it helps to indicate where baby will latch on during breastfeeding. This darkening is a result of the body preparing for breastfeeding and can begin as early as the first trimester.

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Changes in Veins

Along with the changes in color, pregnant women may also notice the veins on their breasts have become more prominent. This can be seen as a blueish spiderweb-like pattern across the breasts and is a result of increased blood flow to the affected area. However, this change is not just restricted to the breasts and can occur in other areas of the body such as the face.


Overall, pregnant women should not be alarmed if they experience any of the above changes in relation to their breasts. All of these changes are normal part of pregnancy and do not generally need any medical attention. However, if a woman notices any signs that a symptom persists of magnifies, then it is important to contact a medical professional.

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