What Happens At 24 Week Pregnancy Appointment

What Happens At 24 Week Pregnancy Appointment

The 24-week pregnancy appointment marks the beginning of the end of the second trimester for expectant mothers. At this appointment, your doctor or midwife will assess the development of your unborn baby and review your health and wellbeing.

The Checkup

At the 24-week pregnancy appointment, your doctor or midwife will check your baby’s heart rate and assess their development through a variety of measurements like your baby’s weight and length. You may also hear your baby’s heartbeat during the examination, which can be a moment to treasure.

Questions and Discussion

During the 24-week pregnancy appointment, your doctor or midwife will ask about any symptoms you are experiencing and discuss with you any health considerations you may have. This is a good opportunity to bring up any concerns you may have and discuss your preferences for delivery and obstetric care.


You may be offered a variety of tests at this appointment including:

  • Blood tests: Blood tests may be conducted to check your blood type and to assess your HIV, hepatitis B and syphilis status.
  • Urine tests: Urine tests can be conducted to check for glucose and protein levels.
  • Ultrasound scans: Ultrasound scans may be used to check your baby’s development and your amniotic fluid levels.

The Results

Your doctor or midwife will review the results of any tests with you and will also advise you on exercises, diet and lifestyle considerations that may benefit you at this stage of your pregnancy.

When attending your 24-week pregnancy appointment, it is advised that you bring a list of any questions you may have and make sure that you are aware of any tests you may be offered. This appointment provides an important opportunity for you and your healthcare professional to review the progress of your pregnancy and to discuss any concerns you may have.

What tests are done at a 24 week pregnancy appointment?

At a 24-week pregnancy appointment, a medical provider will typically perform an abdominal exam, an ultrasound, a urine test, a physical exam, a fetal heart rate assessment, a review of SIDS prevention, and a discussion about lifestyle habits. Blood tests such as a fetal aneuploidy screening and a glucose screening may also be conducted. Additionally, a health history and risk assessment, a review of any potential fetal risks or complications, and a discussion of delivery plans may be included.

What happens during a 24 week pregnancy appointment?

A 24 week pregnancy appointment typically includes an examination of the uterus, a check for foetal heart rate, an assessment of the baby’s growth, and blood pressure and urine tests. The practitioner may also offer advice about nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle factors as well as answer any questions the expectant mother may have. The practitioner may also discuss the risks and benefits of various types of delivery such as a caesarean section, forceps delivery, or natural childbirth.

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