Why Is Morning Pee Best For Pregnancy Test

### Why Is Morning Pee Best For Pregnancy Test?

If you’re wondering if you might be pregnant, you’re probably looking for ways to get the most reliable answer from your home pregnancy test (HPT).

Turns out, the time of day when you take the test can make a big difference. Taking your HPT with morning pee is far more reliable. Here’s why.

### Why Morning Pee for HPTs?

The first morning of the day tends to produce the most concentrated urine sample because the body has been producing it for the longest period without being released. This means the hormone that a pregnancy test looks for—human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)—will be more concentrated and thus more likely to trigger a positive result.

Tests taken in the afternoon and evening may produce falsely negative results because the pee has had a chance to be diluted throughout the day.

### Important Tips To Get Most Accurate Result

– Take the pregnancy test in the morning: Tests taken with the first pee of the day tend to be the most accurate.

– Read the directions: Testing early or late may skew the results, so it’s important to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

– Avoid drinking large amounts of liquid before the test: Doing so dilutes the urine, which can decrease the accuracy of the test.

– Use a digital test: Digital tests are not only more accurate, but also give you the most cut-and-dry results (“pregnant” or “not pregnant”).

The bottom line: Taking a pregnancy test first thing in the morning is one of the best ways to have a reliable result. Be sure to follow the test instructions and use a digital test for the most accurate results.

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Why Is Morning Pee Best For A Pregnancy Test?

Pregnancy tests are one of the most common methods used by women today to find out if they are expecting a baby. The accuracy of the test’s results depends greatly on the collection and use of the right kind of urine sample; the best time to take a pregnancy test is early in the morning because your morning pee contains the most concentrated amount of hCG.

What is hCG?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone produced during pregnancy; it is made by the fertilized egg after implantation. The amount of hCG in your urine will increase exponentially throughout your pregnancy and is a reliable way to determine pregnancy. Typically, the concentration of hCG in first morning urine sample is higher than usual and this makes pregnancy tests more accurate when used with first morning urine.

What Should I Do For Accurate Results?

If you want to take a pregnancy test that provides accurate results, we recommend you follow these steps:

  • First, collect your morning sample: Your hCG levels rise quickly in the morning, so collecting your morning urine is essential for obtaining accurate results. Also, it’s important to avoid drinking a lot of liquid during the night or early in the morning to keep your hCG levels high.
  • Second, use the correct testing kit: Most at-home pregnancy tests are designed to detect levels of hCG as low as 25mIU/mL, so make sure you’re using a reliable test kit.
  • Finally, take the test right away: Make sure you take the pregnancy test right away in the morning after you wake up and avoid touching the testing end (this could contaminate the test and affect your results).

What Are the Benefits of Taking a Pregnancy Test In the Morning?

Taking a pregnancy test in the morning has many advantages:

  1. Accuracy: Taking a pregnancy test in the morning ensures you get accurate, reliable results every time.
  2. Convenience: Taking a pregnancy test in the morning allows you to avoid waiting all day for results.
  3. Privacy: Taking a pregnancy test in the morning gives you the privacy and freedom to take the test without the risk of anyone finding out about it.


To get the most accurate results from a pregnancy test, it’s best to use a first morning urine sample. Doing so will ensure the hCG levels are at their highest, allowing for more accurate results. Taking your pregnancy test in the morning also offers additional benefits, such as increased accuracy and privacy. With the right testing kit, you can have reliable, accurate results in no time.

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