Can You Take Pregnancy Test 8 Days Before Period

Can You Take a Pregnancy Test 8 Days Before Period?

The Answer Is Yes, But The Results May Not Be Accurate

Understandably, you are likely feeling anxious to get an answer when it comes to whether or not you might be pregnant. Avid pre-period pregnancy tests can offer you a possible insight but the accuracy of results depend largely on a couple of key factors.

  • You may take a pregnancy test up to 8 days before your expected period, but the later you wait, the more accurate the results.
  • Taking a pregnancy test 8 days before your period gives you the correct window in which to detect the pregnancy hormone hCG.
  • However, it’s important to keep in mind that a fetus has only just started to produce hCG at this stage, so the levels may not be high enough to be detected by a pregnancy test.
  • This could lead to a false negative result, where the test tells you that you are not pregnant, even when you are.
    • False negatives are mostly as a result of trying to test too early, when the levels of hCG are still too low.
    • The best way to get an accurate result is to wait until your period is due before testing, or to use a sensitive pregnancy test.
  • A sensitive pregnancy test can detect hCG levels up to 5 days before the expected period.
  • The most accurate results are obtained when you wait at least one week after your missed period.
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So, for people wondering if they can take a pregnancy test 8 days before period, the answer is yes, but the results are likely to be more accurate if you wait until your period is due.

Using a sensitive pregnancy test can help to detect pregnancy earlier but it won’t be as accurate as testing closer to your expected period. Keep in mind that you should never rely on online answers as each person is unique and the best way to get a definitive answer is to take a pregnancy test. **Can You Take a Pregnancy Test 8 Days Before Period?**

Most home pregnancy tests are designed to be taken one week (seven days) after a missed period, which means eight days before period is too early for even the most sensitive home pregnancy test. Taking the test before your missed period means the reliability of the test is much lower because there is less of the pregnancy hormone, hCG, to detect.

That being said, it is possible to get a misleading “false negative” result, which means that you could be pregnant but the test says you’re not. This can happen if a woman has lower levels of hCG at the time of testing, so it’s a good idea to repeat the test once your period is late.

**Early Symptoms of Pregnancy**

If you are taking a pregnancy test 8 days before your period and the test comes back negative, it’s not time to give up hope. Even if you have some of the common early signs of pregnancy, it’s still too early to guess whether you are pregnant or not. While the most reliable answer to “Am I pregnant?” comes from a positive pregnancy test, there are some common early signs to look out for, such as:

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* Nausea/vomiting

* Implantation bleeding

* Fatigue

* Sore/tender breasts

* Frequent urination

* Food cravings

* Stronger sense of smell


If you are taking a pregnancy test 8 days before your period and the result is negative, it’s not the definitive answer you are looking for. It just means that the test is not able to detect an accurate result with the levels of hCG in your body so early. Try taking the test again after your missed period, and if the result is still negative, remember that there are other possible signs of pregnancy that you may be experiencing.

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